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Store with one click of your mouse what you see on your screen!

A small useful utility you will never want to miss anymore once you have started using it.

Whether you are doing online banking and want to store a screenshot of your transaction for later reference, you are surfing the net and see something interesting you would like to have a reminder of or you video telephone with your friend and see his new girlfriend, with one click you store a screenshot of what you see in your snapshots folder. It takes you less than a split second to click it and the screenshot has been stored, you don’t even see anything, it is so fast.

Forget the old times when you needed to press “Prt Scr” on your keyboard and then need to paste the screenshot into a paint or word program and save it later on with a name you first have to think of, or the time you had to start a specialized snapshot application beforehand.

This lightweight small program helps you in your daily life and best of all is free.

- Program flyer [157 KB]
- Program [1'263 KB]